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Content Delivery Network
Accelerate your online projects using a network
of geographically distributed servers

Good to know
Content delivery networks (CDN) are networks of servers for ensuring clients receive content as quickly as possible. CDNs optimize online projects, increase client loyalty, raise profits, and let you save on infrastructure.
What is a CDN
They are also called “distribution networks”, and the idea is to offer multiple points of presence (PoPs) outside the source server. This allows websites to better manage traffic through faster processing of user requests.
Organization of remote access to equipment
Providing continuous high-quality electricity
Custom network and server solutions
Why Use a CDN
210,000 servers all over the world
Every second spent waiting lowers a site’s conversion by 7%*
Improved user experience
40% of users leave a site if it does not load in three seconds
Lower server loads
52% of users say loyalty depends on a site’s load times
Better search engine positioning
Site performance affects its positioning — search engines suggest resources that load faster for users
Reduced expenses
By moving workloads to caching servers, you free up resources for other projects on the main server and for handling growing traffic
Improved fault tolerance
If something happens to one of your caching servers, users will get content from the next nearest server without noticing a thing
Fields of Application
  • Optimal performance even during peak seasons
  • Improved search engine positioning
  • High conversion
  • Video on demand (VoD)
  • High QoS even for geographically remote users
Software distribution
  • Positive experience for end users all over the world
  • Fast software downloads
  • Lightened server loads during updates
  • Content availability regardless of traffic
  • Lower abandonment rates
  • More followers
  • Game content delivery to anywhere in the world
  • Improved user loyalty
  • Lowered infrastructure expenses
  • Quick loading banners and videos
  • More resources for new projects
  • Improved ad campaign effectiveness
CDN Technology
Content delivery networks are made up of intermediate (caching) servers. These servers download and cache data from the origin, so instead of directly seeking a resource from the origin, end users communicate with the caching server nearest them.
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