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Dedicated Custom Servers
Are you implementing a large project but cannot find the right
equipment? Order a customized solution โ€“ describe your
requirements, and we will contact you, find the best solution,
and purchase and host the servers in our data center.
Host your network equipment in Selectelโ€™s modern Tier III data centers. We provide ideal conditions for optimal performance: high-speed Internet connections, uninterruptible power supplies, and regulated microclimate.
Place your equipment with SEVAHOST colocation services in Evoswitch, one of Europe's newest and most modern data centres, located in Amsterdam region, The Netherlands,Evoswitch data centre spec:
We purchase servers within a short time frame
We test their operation
We install the equipment in the data center
We provide support and maintenance
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We work with world market leaders
Physical and Information Security

Selectel has PCI DSS and ISO/IES 27001 certificates and FSTEC and FSB licenses.

More than 100 CCTV cameras monitor all entrances, building perimeters and each room. There are 24-hour security posts at the entrances and on the floors.

We can host the equipment in the Certified Data Center Segment to ensure your compliance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 152-FZ.

Network Availability

Create reliable solutions โ€“ reserve network links (MC-LAG, VRRP).

Combine equipment from multiple data centers into a single local network. The local network bandwidth in each Selectel data center is 2.8 Tbps, and between data centers it is 160 Gbps (this can be increased).

Choose any of 45 communication service providers for network access or connect to a third-party provider with our Fiber Optic Lines service.

Organize your system nodes into one or more private secure networks.

Power Supply and Microclimate

Two power inputs in each data center and diesel generators with an automatic start-up system.

Professional air conditioning, cooling system redundancy, and cold and hot aisles.

Maintenance service that monitors operations at the hosting facility 24/7.

Implementing an Integrated Solution

Build large infrastructures based on various Selectel services (ranging from servers hosted in data centers to cloud platforms and Kubernetes clusters).

Work in the user-friendly panel by connecting the required services and paying for the ordered services.

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